Canada Dependent Visa

Hand holding you from today to landing in Canada

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Dedicated Personal Consultant

Letter of Intention Drafting

Visa Documentation Process

Mock Interview

How it Works

Your timeline

Eligibility and Profile Check

Your personal mentor studies your profile and identified critical document requirements


Documentation and Verification

Letter of Intent and other critical documents are carefully drafted in the required template and sent through multiple verifications by a team of experts.


Visa application Management

Visa Application is submitted and managed till the final stamping

Evaluate your chances

Can my spouse be a primary applicant?

Can I get PR without the IELTS exam?

Share your profile & work experience and our experts can discuss the best options for you regarding settling abroad.

Price & Package
  • Visa Documentation Process
  • Letter of Intention Drafting
  • Mock interview preparation
  • Submission of Documents
    MRP: ₹ 25000Enroll Now
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